About Paddy-Whacked Radio

Paddy-Whacked Radio™ brings you the best  Independent Music from Ireland and Northern Ireland!

Listen LIVE on the air and world-wide-web-waves. Each show available as a podcast.

  • FM radio show, Broadcast fortnightly and made available as a podcast within 24 hours! Listen  LIVE on line here.
  • Song of the Day Feature : With contributions from PWRadio and our listeners, as well as some of the artist who's music we play.
  • Podcast (which is a separate thing from the FM show.)  It is out of date, but there is a load of great music and interviews.
  • News, containing an archive of newsrecord and concert reviewsrecord releases, and anything else we think you need to know.
  • If you're a fan of the Frames, Bell X1, Paddy Casey, the Swell Season, Damien Rice or Damien Dempsey, you're only scratching the surface. Check out this semi-complete list of bands, artists and projects for an introduction to the amazing world of Irish music.


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