VanMorrison St Dominic Preview Cover

“Saint Dominic’s Preview” by Van Morrison -Contributed by Mark Geary

I could have picked every song on this record, ‘listen to the lion’ makes me cry.
But this one is the title track.
‘And I’m hoping that Joyce won’t blow the hoist, this town has bit off more than it could chew’
The band the singing
Is just well. Divine

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Mark Geary is an Irish singer-songwriter and musician born in Dublin and living in New York.  Mark has released four studio albums and has been featured on a number of movie and TV soundtracks.

4 thoughts on ““Saint Dominic’s Preview” by Van Morrison -Contributed by Mark Geary

  1. Mel Boettcher

    Wow! What a great song! Looking forward to more posts here from you, Mark.
    Shawn, pick up a copy for me too…


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