“Uncle Pat” by Ash – Contributed by Tiger Cooke

I’ve been trying to come up with some hidden Irish gems for this series.  I will no doubt fail because, despite my best efforts, I can’t compete with the encyclopedic knowledge of PWRadio’s listenership.  However, if my web searches are correct, this one has never been aired…

I first heard this tune by way of a typically slick Heineken TV advertisement.  In the days of dalek-murdering dial-up connections and a very rudimentary world wide web, tracking down a song you’d just heard on television was no mean feat.  (Even if somebody had posted the information online somewhere out there, there was no guarantee you’d actually find it.  Search engines have come a long way.)  Eventually I found the song among the myriad cassette tapes in my cousin’s drawer.  The band was Ash.  The album was Trailer.  It was 1994.  It was simple, innocent, direct, and for some unknown reason, it seemed to soundtrack my sun-dappled summer perfectly.  While the music industry was busy railing against it, home taping was busy saving music, teenager by obsessive teenager.

So, here’s for Uncle Pat…

Hear Tiger Cooke’s song “Andrea’s Fault” as part of the Song of the Day series.

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Tiger Cooke is an impoverished indie artist with a soulful dark-folk sound, a blend of early Paul Simon, Marvin Gaye and Phoenix. He is powered by a heady cocktail of dark humour, late-night toasted cheese sandwiches, and copious amounts of tea, and regularly weakened by heartache, eye-strain, and kryptonite.

7 thoughts on ““Uncle Pat” by Ash – Contributed by Tiger Cooke

  1. Shawn Fitzmaurice

    You are correct! I have never heard this song. I know Ash is as prolific as a pair of rabbits, but I have heard only a tiny portion of their work. Goldfinger comes to mind.

    I enjoy the way you put together these stories, so you are now committed to a minimum of 67 more Song of the Day contributions. Better hit the auld search engine. Each must have a dalek reference.

  2. Tiger Cooke Post author

    Sixty seven is a precise quota… but I’ll try to reach it. It’s a bit of fun writing those pieces. No real pressure or agenda… refreshing. I’m not sure I’ll be able to slip dalek references into everything though!

    1. Natalie Herman

      You have quite the flair for storytelling. I am enjoying your descriptions as much as your selections! If you can’t make them all Dalek references, I will be satisfied with any reference from the Who-niverse,


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