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“Vital Signs” by Mark Geary – Contributed by Mel Boettcher

Choosing just one song by one of your favourite singer/songwriter is almost impossible. I tried. So today`s pick is “Vital Signs” from Mark Geary´s latest album Songs about love, songs about leaving. One of those songs that just won´t leave your head, as much as you tried. “Sweet and sad” as I once heard him call it himself on some radio program. Indeed. Then he sang it, and I teared up. It´s that gorgeous.

I have included both the album track and a video taken live in Cologne in 2012.

Mark Geary is a regular contributor to Paddy-Whacked Radio’s Song of the Day series.

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Mel Boettcher

`Music was my first love…` True story. There´s always music around. Either playing out loud or (even more often) in my head on the mental playlist. I often *think* in lyrics. Front row is my favourite place. I´d go anywhere to see my favourites live. `Within easy driving distance` is a phrase from the past. I started to lure musicians into my house, to avoid driving at least once in a while…

3 thoughts on ““Vital Signs” by Mark Geary – Contributed by Mel Boettcher

    1. Mel Boettcher Post author

      If I loved this song even more, I think my heart would explode. But you´re right. Mark has some lovely stories to tell around his songs.

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