“Delirious” by Luka Bloom – Contributed by Garrett Wall

One of the artists who influenced me most at the beginning of my career was the great Luka Bloom. I met him early on when I was working in a video shop (yes, it was that long ago!) and I was definitely not worthy. I was fortunate to meet him again and become friends and he gave me some invaluable advice about my early demos.

He showed me how to play this song once and it’s one of my favourites off his Riverside album…

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Irish singer-songwriter based in Madrid and front man with acoustic four piece Track Dogs

2 thoughts on ““Delirious” by Luka Bloom – Contributed by Garrett Wall

  1. Natalie Herman

    Thanks for sharing that story. I am unfamiliar with Luka Bloom’s work, but this song makes me want to go discover it! It is clear from your music that you were influenced by him. How wonderful to get to work with someone you so admire.


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