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“I Should Go” by The Idiots – Contributed by Nina Hynes

24th January, 2013


Back in Dublin in the mid 90’s was a very exciting time. I came across a band called The Idiots. They were making a kind of music I hadn’t heard anybody else in Dublin dare to except maybe on a My Bloody Valentine record. But The Idiots were playing live and in a tiny bar making a noise so loud I could hear it as I ran late to the gig from O’Connell st. bridge. They ended their performance with a song I will never forget. It went on for longer than 15 minutes, and their singer Brian in blitzed out mantra style through a very loud loud wall of sound, repeatedly chanted “I should go, I should go, I should go” for which seemed like forever as the music rose to the occasion with a repetitive trance like beat that reminded me of a 70’s era Can.

The excitement in the smokey air met with a a cool blase don’t wash feeling which felt like a new era being born. It seemed every kind of music was possible and we were free. It was mind blowing and they set a barometer for many bands to come after. They were one of the pioneers of Irish indie music selling their own 7″ (or at least a tape with a photocopied cover) if I remember correctly.

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