“This is All That Matters” by Duke Special

I first heard this song when Duke Special played it live, opening for Bell X1 in North Carolina. His set was mostly from the album Under the Dark Cloth, written in collaboration with the New York Metropolitan Museum for the photographic exhibit “Stieglitz, Steichen, Strand”.

"Bird on the Edge of Space" by Paul Strand

“Bird on the Edge of Space” by Paul Strand

Special has a talent for injecting emotion and human truth into his music. Having derived inspiration from this set of masterful photographic pieces, I believe he has compounded this effect. It is a truly impactual work.

This bit is taken from the review I wrote after seeing that show:

“This is all that matters” is inspired by Paul Strand’s photograph “The bird on the edge of space”. The song is a delicate poem, tenderly lamenting Strand’s failure in his marriage resulting from an unyielding passion for his art. Special uses this piece to remind us that anything worth doing, any art worth creating, is worth sticking your neck out for.

Listen to the lyrics… It is fine piece of poetry.

I’d love to hear your comments on this piece. I think it would be a great conversation.

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