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“One More Night” by Ged McMahon – Contributed by Mama Kaz

15th February, 2013


My first post with you guys in this “Song of the Day” so thank you for having me.

The reason I choose this as my first post is that Ged has been a Facebook/Soundcloud friend for a few years now & when he wrote this song I just loved it & told him I would love to do vocals on it which he was so excited at so I will head to work with him in the studio to record my version of a wonderfully compelling song.

Ged is a Singer Songwriter from Drogheda, Ireland and writes in all styles of music including Pop/Rock/Swing/Bigband/Jazz/Dance/Amercian Country/Bluegrass/Ballad and Movie Soundtrack. He is one of the most diverse songwriters I have came across so I hope you enjoy.


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Mama Kaz

Singer/Songwriter at Mama Kaz
Songwriter & Vocal Powerhouse from Belfast, Northern Ireland. "Belfast's Hoochie Coochie Woman" Affectionately given the name "Mama" for her big powerhouse voice. She can turn her talents to many different projects & genre's In 2012 alone she released her solo EP alongside her Mama Kaz Band single, created her very own blues hub called Mama Kaz Blues Cafe, developed an artistic calender which is sponsored by The Modern Art Gallery and is in the beginnings of writing a book & to top it 2012 off won an award. A task but Mama Kaz says "Having many sides just means I have more to share with my fans plus I live eat and sleep music" Now 2013 she is getting ready for her new sound being released via Belfast Nashville Songwriters on 5th April.

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