‘Samurai’ by Niall Connolly – contributed by Colin Ahearn

Niall Connolly’s songs have been covered by more than 20 acts from Nashville to Newfoundland. He is the founding member of Big City Folk Collective and a member of Fairplay Collective. He plays on average of 300 gigs a year. He has played major festivals and street corners from San Francisco to Budapest. His songs have been used on Australian and Norwegian TV. He lives in New York City and survives entirely on money earned through songs. His name has been tattooed on the arms of his fans. All of this is true.

Yet, chances are, unless you scour late night radio stations, your local indie music venue, or someone just told you, you may not have heard of Niall Connolly. Don’t feel bad. Feel the same excitement you do when you discover a new author.

Niall Connolly is an excellent and compelling live performer. Listeners are regularly moved to tears and laughter. Steeped in the richness of his experience, the deftness of his pen, and the strength of his imagination, Connolly’s lyrics evidence the well-honed craft of an honest and watchful storyteller. Often blending the personal with the political, Connolly creates imagery that sears its mark onto the consciousness of listeners, set against the backdrop of an urban folk sound. He is, at heart, an astonishingly talented craftsman and his songs spiral through time from the marshy landscapes of Cork, Ireland to the overspill of the modern metropolis.

This song ‘Samurai’ is the first single from his very soon to be released sixth album entitled ‘Sound’. The album is to be released April 13th at Rockwood Music Hall Studio2. Niall then travels to Ireland and Britain to promote the release of ‘Sound’.

“Niall Connolly writes literate songs rich in graphic detail, better still he writes convincingly from his own experience and his heart. We don’t have enough like him”. – Jackie Hayden, Hot Press

“Brooklyn-based Niall Connolly is at the head of a new breed of politically engaged eloquent singer-songwriters emerging from New York’s most populous boroughs with his immensely literate appraisals of the personal and the political.” – Death and Taxes

“Would cheer up an atheist on their death bed”. – the Prague Post

“I promise your evening will be full of good music, stories, and all around entertainment. Mr. Connolly’s music carries amazing character. Niall’s charm and way with words are prevalent in lyrics that have an amazing universal appeal. Niall takes you through a variety of emotions and musical styles, all with abundant zeal and talent.”- www.whatstherukcus.com

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Words and Music copyright Niall Connolly
Niall Connolly guitar and vocals
Warren Malone guitar and vocals
Brandon Wilde Bass and Vocals
Len Monachello Drums
Produced by Brandon Wilde and Niall Connolly

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