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“Troy” by Sinéad O’Connor – Contributed by Mark Geary


“That’s What They All Say” by Mark Geary


“The Broad Majestic Shannon” by The Pogues – Contributed by Mark Geary


“Dogwood Blossom” by Fionn Regan – Contributed by Mark Geary

There's an English film director, Shane Meadows who UK / Irish audiences will be aware of - This is England. He did a follow up - England 88. Fantastic film. Kids hard hitting and intense but really superb. Right at the end, after your utterly destroyed by the film, this song starts - the whole song. Been a fan of Fionn for a long time now. The melody and the sadness of the words, just so beautiful.   https://soundcloud.com/heavenlyrecordings/hvnlp88-5-fionn-regan-dogwood Read more [...]

“Falling Slowly” by The Swell Season (Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova) – Contributed by Mark Geary


“Miss Sarajevo” Live in Milan by U2 – Contributed by Mark Geary

Photo by Ivi Rebova. http://www.iviart.net/

“Vital Signs” by Mark Geary – Contributed by Mel Boettcher


“Arthur McBride” by Paul Brady. Contribution by Mark Geary

VanMorrison St Dominic Preview Cover

“Saint Dominic’s Preview” by Van Morrison -Contributed by Mark Geary


103. 2012 year in Review!